Castaway is easily the worst movie of all time

Remember the part in that movie Castaway where it takes Tom Hanks something like five days to get that fire going? Talk about baloney. You give me two sticks and twenty minutes and I’ll give you a roaring fire in just five minutes. And then I’ll use those other fifteen minutes to really start enjoying myself. So by the time you come up to me when those twenty minutes are over, you’ll see the fire, you’ll see me fully relaxed, and you’ll be like, “Rob, how long did it take you to get this fire going? Because it looks like you’ve been relaxing for at least fifteen minutes.”


Or that part where he catches the crab and kills it, and then he just cracks it open, uncooked, and lets all of that raw crab stuff ooze all out of the shell? I’m calling hogwash on that also. First of all, everybody knows that you have to cook crab. And didn’t he already have the fire going at this point? How hard would it have been to at least heat it up a little? Secondly, it took that guy way too long to catch one crab. And what does he do as soon as he catches it? He destroys it. Me, I would have captured it, made a little crab house, lured in another crab of the opposite sex, and I would’ve started a little crab farm. It’s something about giving a man a crab for a day or teaching him how to eat crabs for a lifetime. Jesus used to say stuff like that all the time.

You know what else bugged me about Castaway? His beard should have been much longer. If you told me not to shave for four years, I’d be more facial hair than man after just two. But Tom Hanks’s mustache wasn’t even really in the way of his upper lip. Not much. One time I tried to grow a beard and that’s exactly the type of unexpected growth I wasn’t prepared for, the upper lip. It was getting in the way of my eating, always picking up a little mayonnaise from every bite of sandwich, stuff like that.

And the volleyball, come on. I would have been playing with that volleyball, not turning it into an imaginary best friend. Think of how boring every day must have been. I would have found some wall and tried to see how many times I could bounce it off the wall without it hitting the ground. But Hanks didn’t do anything. Oh yeah, I guess he learned how to paint, like he cave painted that painting of Helen Hunt on the wall of his bedroom. Or bedcave. Caveroom, whatever. But again, that’s probably a little unrealistic also. Where were all of his practice paintings? There’s no way you go from being an illustration novice to all of the sudden busting out photorealistic Helen Hunts. It’s just not plausible. Maybe they could have added some obvious flaws, just for narrative’s sake.

Four years sounds like a long time, but Helen Hunt seemed to have moved on pretty quickly. I get it, you’re lonely, you don’t want to wallow in your own misery for forever, but let’s just assume four months maybe hoping they’d find something. Another two months coming to terms with the likelihood that he died, people saying, “Helen, you have to move on. You’ve got to meet someone else.” Best case scenario, you go on a few blind dates, set some stuff up on an Internet site, you meet someone, there’s an awkward adult going-out phase, dating, moving in together. And then an engagement, a marriage. What I’m getting at here is, by the time Tom Hanks comes back, Helen Hunt already has a new husband and like two kids. It just seems very rushed, like she would had to have hit the ground running maybe two weeks after the plane went down.

Finally, I’m calling bullshit on Tom Hanks not opening up that final package. The man figured out how to make a boat out of a port-a-potty door. You’re telling me he never figured out how to open and then reseal a stupid box? This man worked for FedEx. He could have probably set those boxes up in his sleep. Look, I understand, something to live for, that one delivery. But I would have been thinking, antibiotics? Maybe something potentially lifesaving? Maybe a zippo lighter? Of course he opened that box up. It probably turned out to be nothing, like a decorative scarf, something useless. And then he’s dropping it off at the end, like, here you go miss. Again, bullshit.

In conclusion, I hate to say that Castaway just isn’t very realistic. And I haven’t even gotten into how unlikely it would have been for him to survive that plane crash in the first place. I’m totally not buying it.

16 thoughts on “Castaway is easily the worst movie of all time

    1. William Lyons

      Okay first off all your spelling is terrible. I am assuming you meant bologna, it is the only word that I can think of that is close to what “baloney” is and what makes sense used in the context. Secondly, you really need to watch the movie over again. You’ll see that no he did not have the fire going at the time when he caught the first crab. When you have been stranded on a deserted island you do not think about things clearly you tend to lose your mind. He wanted to fill his stomach as soon as humanly possible. Therefore, he tried to eat the crab without cooking it. Thinking there would just be uncooked crab meat… The fire topic, it is actually a difficult thing to do unless you’ve had survivors training. You have to have two different woods that are capable for rubbing together to create an ember to use to ignite a bushel of tinder. To create a larger fire. You have absolutely no idea what his background is. All we know is that he worked at FedEx prior to his plane going down. He he could have been an expect painter. Which would solve your complaint about his painting of his wife in the cave. Which in my opinion is nowhere near picture perfect as you said it was… Also it never shown the entire cave so who’s to say he didn’t try elsewhere in the cave.

      You complain about him having a shorter beard than what is expected. Really that’s something you’re going to complain about? Well since you are you have to keep in mind that not every man grows beards the same. Some may grow beards faster and longer than others. Some may grow beards in patches. I have a buddy who cannot grow a beard to save his life.

      The volleyball “Wilson”, so you say that you would have much rather have played with the ball… Instead of figuring out what to do next you’ve decided right then and there that you are just waiting to die on that island. Making the volleyball into an imaginary companion was actually the best thing for him to do with the ball. Otherwise his mind would have completely been lost his mind. It was the healthiest thing for him to do in the situation he was in…

      In plane crashes not everyone dies. Sometimes some people do live and some that live have what’s called survivors guilt. He didn’t get it because he was still unsure if he was going to die or not stuck on a deserted island his only thought was how he was going to survive. Since his obvious attempt at suicide did not work as he planned. He committed himself on surviving on or off the island.

      The final package I’ll only say this; everyone is different and have different reasons for the things they do. You would have clearly opened the box pouring all your hopes and dreams into antibiotics and a Zippo lighter. Where others wouldn’t have opened it just like Tom hanks didn’t do in the movie.

      To be honest I think the movie was actually very realistic for a movie. You talk as if it had to be 100% correct in your opinion… Obviously you would have done things differently. You would have probably built a resort on the island made it into a tourist attraction. Sending coconuts out by the hundreds out to sea waiting for people to find them on other shores and come to visit turning your once tragic situation into one of success.

  1. The Crab that got killed

    All yall above comments who say negative shit about this review are just baboon following, moronic morons that eat there own shit and poop it out then eat it again.

    I agree with the post, especially the part helen hunts character just moved on fast.

    Let’s go over it in a bit more detail, because this shit really annoyed me.

    Let’s first play it out, how it SHOULD have gone..

    – Griefs over Jack’s death, for a good 1-2 years.
    – Slowly gets over death and goes out with friends again, takes her a good 6 months to finally stop thinking about death
    (we’re at 2 1/2 years now)
    – Meets a guy that friends introduce her too, gets to know him but wants to move it slowly… because of Jacks “death” will take her another good 6 months before she even can kiss him I reckon
    (we’re at 3 years now)
    – Finally the following year at 2-3 months in she will let him make a move, but be upset about it because she still has feelings for Jack.
    – Around mid year, she slowly lets herself go to this new guy finally thinking she has moved on
    – at the end of the year during new years she finally sleeps with this new guy, allowing herself to totally let go of Jack
    (we’re at 4 years now)
    – Now that they’re finally comfortable and the love is growing they start talking about more serious things, moving in with one an another, around the 6 month period of the following year they do that
    (we’re at 4 1/2 years now)
    – Slowly after moving in they talk about marriage seeing as they’re comfortable with each other. They plan the wedding date but really put A LOT of effort into it and decide it should be the following year just so that things can take awhile to adjust.
    (we’re at 5 1/2 years now)
    – Eventually after getting married on her first night being married she gets knocked up
    – 1 year later(9 months, but I’ll say 1 year for the sake of it) they have a kid.
    (we’re at 6 1/2 years now)
    – the child grows up a bit, like we see in the movie, where we see her with the dad
    (we’re at 7 years now)

    Voila there we go.. 7 years, and this bitch did it in 4.. Damn those 3 years…
    And I’m just going all out here on what MAYBE she should of done, I mean heck some people might even take 7 years to let go, Certainly something I would take, maybe 5 to be honest, 5’s a long time and just enough, but the way the movie sounds:

    – She finds out of his death
    – 1 month later finds another guy, instantly falls in love with him, has a child and moves into a new house Within that year.


    but hey, that’s just my opinion I mean for me personally.. I reckon she should of done that much earlier, I mean why wait 4 years to have 1-2 kids move into a new home with a guy you’ve just met and married him?
    I mean heck why not just do it in 1 month, would of hurt Jack just the same.

    1. Conor

      The only hole here is if the first time they sleep together she gets pregnant. Then they have a shotgun wedding. It’s far fetched and herctime line still bothers me but at least there’s a semi-plausible way around it.

    2. William Lyons

      Wow, people really seem to be hooked on this part of the movie. About his wife moving in so fast. People tend to fall in love quickly after losing someone they love surprisingly quick. They are so empty inside that when they find a person to confide in and is there for them they usually fall for that person filing that sudden void. It isn’t too say that they had really truly moved on… Like in the movie where Helen is mixed with emotions ready to take off with Tom hanks at the end. She was ready to drop everything she created without him. She even admitted that she loves him and that he’s the love of her life. But you all make it out as if she completely forgot about him “chuck who?” that’s not the case though. Sorry but your interruption is wrong.

  2. Wilson

    Cast Away stinks. First of all, the movie is one boring commercial for FedEx. Tom Hanks is the package that got lost, but he eventually reaches his destination. That alone pissed me off within the first 10 minutes of the movie, which nobody seemed to mind the whole movie was product placement for FedEx. Tom Hanks’ “look at me act for three hours!” was tiresome. I was sick of looking at him and wished I had a volleyball to deflate and use as a pillow in the movie theater. Shitty performance, boring movie that made a ton of dough that made me hate Tom Hanks and Bob Zemeckis. Fuck them.

  3. Barb

    I am not alone in my hatred of this movie! OMG. After seeing this at the theater I immediately stood up and said I want my three hours back. I didn’t really do the math on the Helen Hunt character but yeah… That too. Took me years to get over being mad at Tom Hanks for this piece of crap. I’m still bitter.

  4. Eric Hodge

    If you are a completely literal minded person, with no interest in thematic content or subtext, then this movie would be terrible. If you are the kind of person who would look at a Salvador Dali painting and say, “this is bullshit…watches wouldn’t melt that way,” then you should stick to The Avengers movies. No original thinking required there.

  5. KingLos

    CastAway was a awesome movie! 4 and a half stars!!! I see the comments by other critics on this page and it’s truly halarious , to the boy who talks smack about the love life of Tom Hank’s wife in the movie to other people saying its garbage because it wasn’t accurate in every possible way?! Dude it’s a movie it’s trying to give you a basic analogy of what it would be like if you were to get stuck on a island! This was and still is a good movie! Smh people these days are really dumb!

  6. Scrooge McDuck

    Wow, so many mistakes here. You think the author might want to watch the movie again just to make sure his “opinions” were based on things that actually happen in the movie. By the way since there is do much debate over the amount of time Helen Hunt takes yo get married and have kids, yeah cause no one gets pregnant out of wedlock then gets married to make it legit. Get your facts right before u post reviews, Better yet just stfu and watch another movie in mommy’s basement.

  7. Conor

    How about this: crab, lobster, whatever, turns orange and white like that when you BOIL it, not when you cook it like a marshmallow. Not saying you can’t eat it that way, but it was clearly pulled right out of a pot.

    I just watched this again because it’s been on TV. And the Helen Hunt timeline doesn’t make sense. This lady had like a f*cking SEARCH GRID on her dining room table and she gives up faster than Billy looking for his dog, Happy? But hey, maybe she started getting serious and got knocked up and had a shotgun wedding, who knows.

    But after watching the plane go down this is my biggest gripe. That was like a 60 degree angle straight at the water going at least 150-200 MPH, at that speed hitting water is like hitting a brick wall. Imagine if he was riding in the back of a FedEx truck, holding onto NETTING, going a buck fifty and slams into a wall. Yea, he’s not making it. They find pieces of everyone on that plane, if anything.

    Not the worst movie ever, but definitely some plot holes to be sure. But they’re all the more aggravating because they didn’t have to happen. You’re telling me no one on that $100 million project was like “um, you sure I should boil this? He’s cooking it over fire?”

  8. Bildo Fraggins

    Worst movie of all time? You obviously need to go see Perfect Storm, nothing like a “true story” contrived out of complete conjecture, considering no one has any idea what happened to that boat or the crew, they just created a story line out of thin air based entirely on fiction except for one thing: that boat did indeed disappear. Castaway is a great movie, and most of what you are saying is garbage.


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