I haven’t missed a day yet

I’m up in the Berkshires for my brother’s wedding, and I’m in a little bit of a bind here. It’s about twenty minutes to midnight, and I haven’t posted anything to my blog yet. It’s not a big deal, not really, but I haven’t missed a day in over two years, and I don’t want to break the streak just yet.

Normally when I go away on vacation, I’ll set it up so that the blog will automatically post something that I have ready to go, but I’ve been so busy lately, I forgot to take care of it before I left. And so here I am, I’m on my cell phone, I’m trying to get something down, anything, just to keep my record intact.

It’s a great motivation to write every day, but yeah, I don’t really have anything right now. And does this really count? I could probably force out eight hundred words of filler or so if I really wanted to, stuff about writing and a daily practice and being busy and stuff.

But I’m tired. And this counts, right? Yeah, I’ll let it count. If it’s this or nothing, this is definitely something. It counts.

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