Instead of writing a blog post today, I ate my weight in Chinese takeout and rented the movie Snowpiercer on Amazon Prime. Wow. It was incredible. How did this film come and go without making more of a splash? I only accidentally heard of it. And even then, it took me another few months to actually sit down and watch it.

The idea is so … I don’t want to say stupid, but it is a pretty crazy plot. Life on Earth has come to an end, except for this one train that continually drives in a loop around the world. And all of the poor people are cooped up in the back, while the rich people live up front. Maybe it’s just me and how I’m explaining it, because that does make it sound kind of dumb.

But it isn’t dumb. Right from the beginning, you get heavily invested in these people that live in the caboose. And there really isn’t too much room for interpretation. The train is, like, the world, man. Only smaller! It’s just massive inequality and exploitation. Only, since they’re on a train, since there isn’t much room to do anything about it, nobody has to pretend or sugarcoat. The rich people are like, screw you poor a-holes, if it weren’t for us, you’d all be dead. Do as we say, or we’ll destroy you.

So yeah, it just has me thinking now, because if you look at the world like that giant train, I’m definitely sitting pretty up toward the front. I don’t have to deal with ISIS or anything like that. Or ebola. Or anything really. I mean, if I want to, I can write something about it on Facebook. I can take any side I want in any debate about anything. But it doesn’t change anything. Not on my end, not immediately anyway.

I don’t know, it’s just a movie. But it’s a really good movie, one that just gets your heart pumping and your head spinning. Because really, what’s going on? Why can’t we all get our act together and start allocating resources where they’re needed? If we have so much, why do we still have people living in poverty, even in the US? How is that acceptable? It’s just so blatantly not fair. Some people have way too much while other people don’t have enough. When does it ever change? How does that get fixed?