I got a little published

One of my stories got published in a quarterly humor magazine, Hobo Pancakes. Check it out! Read it! Read my story first, and then read all of the other writers who wrote stuff. I’m just messing around, I’m a gentlemen, I put others before myself. So go read everyone else’s and then, if you have time, check mine out. Who am I kidding? Load up the page and tape up pieces of paper to your computer screen so it blocks out all of the other writers’ names and stories. No, I’m just joking, give everyone else a shot. I mean, chances are, if you’re finding this out through this blog, you’re already somewhat familiar with what I’m all about. I’ve changed my mind. You can never get enough exposure. Read mine first. No wait, read the others first. Nope, mine. Wait, theirs. Hold it. Mine. And then talk about it with your friends. If you don’t have any friends, please don’t call me, because I don’t hang out with losers. Sorry.